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Miss Popular is available now via my Deviantart account and comicspace !
It began as a doodle in a notebook I used for my high shool Psychology class back in 1999. It just kept getting bigger until it ballooned into 110 "Issues" (pages). I came up with three rules to follow as I went along:

1. No penciling in any characters or other artwork beforehand. Everything had to be inked, with minimal use of white out.

2. No thinking ahead more than one "Issue". As with the artwork, all storylines and plots had to be as spontaneous as possible.

3. It had to be done in a notebook. Preferably the same one that it was originally drawn in, but the story continued, I had to move it into a second book.

It's hardly high art, and I tried to refrain from making drastic changes such as actually adding panels (God forbid!) to the thing while digitally lettering it. Still, I'll try to get the rest up here. I've only ever been able to get the first eight pages published (once for Touche magazine at UW-Manitowoc, and then a self-publish of only 10 copies). I hope you get some enjoyment from reading it.

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