Intro to "Human Harbors"

I had finished reading Richard Adams's Watership Down, when I wrote this short story. I never really finished it, but hopefully publishing it in this blog will allow spur me into action. I hate starting things and never finishing them. Unfortunately, I do this fairly often.
If you've read Adams's book, then you know he substitutes a different language in for certain words. It's kind of like reading a book from a different country where the translator isn't quite sure of a few of the words, so they leave in the original language. I was snarky and substitute major nouns and stuff with my own language. For example: Vez = Rabbit. But unlike Adams, who had a glossary of terms and their translations, I made it a point to have the reader figure it out for themselves. Hopefully, I've left enough notes within the text for people to figure out what I was describing.
The first few paragraphs should be up within the month.

Geek-Kon Picutres!

Yay! New pictures for Geek-Kon! If anyone wants to put these in their sigs, that would be great! We've been pimping this Con all over the web lately :).