Intro to "Human Harbors"

I had finished reading Richard Adams's Watership Down, when I wrote this short story. I never really finished it, but hopefully publishing it in this blog will allow spur me into action. I hate starting things and never finishing them. Unfortunately, I do this fairly often.
If you've read Adams's book, then you know he substitutes a different language in for certain words. It's kind of like reading a book from a different country where the translator isn't quite sure of a few of the words, so they leave in the original language. I was snarky and substitute major nouns and stuff with my own language. For example: Vez = Rabbit. But unlike Adams, who had a glossary of terms and their translations, I made it a point to have the reader figure it out for themselves. Hopefully, I've left enough notes within the text for people to figure out what I was describing.
The first few paragraphs should be up within the month.

Geek-Kon Picutres!

Yay! New pictures for Geek-Kon! If anyone wants to put these in their sigs, that would be great! We've been pimping this Con all over the web lately :).



It's been a while since I first posted. I've volunteered to be on a planning committee for Geek-Kon! Geek-Kon is a convention that will have Anime viewings, Sci-Fi viewings, Gaming (consul, RPG, CCG, Magic, Warhammer, LARP, DDR/ Guitar Hero). I started out helping with PR & Promo, and recently I volunteered to help with the art auction and Artist Alley. I might actually be able to sell some of my stuff :). I want to draw some simple pen and ink drawings; probably get them matted. I don't want to sell the originals, so I think I'll get some prints made. I like to draw elf like characters, but the girl running the AA says fan art sells really well, too. I'm kind of into Star Wars right now (even though I don't believe they should have married off Luke Skywalker to anyone). Maybe I'll draw some generic warrior types wielding light-based swords. Here's a link to the Geek-Kon website: www.geekkon.net.
A picture of one of our cute mascots appears above this post.


Writer's Block

Already I have writer's block, and I've just started writing. How about a fantasy blog where I pretend I'm someone else in a story? A blog to store the short stories I'm writing? Random thoughts? Rant and Rave? Worklog? Random Poetry? Archiving my art? Entertainment reviews? Now that sounds good! But isn't the web already full of fanboys who rant and rave about thier favorite or most hated anime, manga, comics, movies, TV shows, celeberaties, and music? What can I conribute that would be so interesting? I'm a lowly deli clerk who happened to make enough money to buy a laptop and an internet connection. I have two degrees in art (A.S.A. and B.S.A.) from the University of Wisconsin Madison. I live with a couple of South Korean students. And when I'm not worn out from my daily job, I paint, draw, and write. I had intended to become a 2-D animator for companies like Disney and Don Bluth Studios, but then the crushing truth fell and I realised that no one really does this type of animation anymore. I still want to own an animation studio someday, however, I refuse to do computer animation.