Lounge L33ts Episode 12: The Crater

Northern Gun meets up at The Crater, the best bar in town! Well, the ONLY bar in town, thanks to the apocalypse. Ed, aka "Drenivian" joins us, as well talk about our experiences so far with Defiance from Trion Worlds. The conversation soon turns to other topics such as MMO budgets, insider trading, and games that remind us fondly of other games.

Lounge L33ts Episode 11: The Haunted Burrow

In a retrospective of 2013's Halloween events, we take a look at Guild Wars 2's Blood and Madness, World of Warcraft's Hallows End, Anarchy Online's Uncle Pumpkinhead hunt, and Lord of the Rings Online's Haunted Burrow. Matt also goes over the Neverwinter Halloween event, but unfortunately, I was too late to grab footage of it.