They've done it again, those bastards! Those wonderful men (and women) and their marvelous internets have done it again. I'm hooked on two sites now. One an old favorite, the other is a new discovery, although it's been around for a while. I'm usually a late bloomer when it comes to popular sites.

I recently discovered Fail Blog, which is makes use of the popular phrase "fail" when it comes to expressing failure now adays. I was suffering from insomnia one night a week or two ago and stumbled upon it while looking up internet memes on Wikipedia. It's got a hilarious collection of pictures and videos featuring stupid mistakes and random ass-holery.

I've been on Gaia Online for over a year now, and there's been talk of a Gaia Battle System for about as long. Every Gaian was gearing up to play the new MMORPG, and Gaia even held a naming contest (resulting in the name "zOMG," speaking of epic fails). It's now in rather buggy BETA testing and open to all Gaians to play. If it weren't for the lag, I'd be completely hooked. As it is, I've had to use Adblock to turn off the avatars, attack animations, and drops inorder to get it to run smoothly. Even then it's a bit glitchy. But lag and glitches and all the blocked graphics, I still went and played it for around eight hours yesterday.

All this comes when I'm supposed to be working on paintings for Christmas presents for my family. I'm going to go with more flower motiffs for them using watercolor pencils as the medium. I also want to do a portait for a friend using Photoshop Elements 6.0.


Window Live Spaces

So I can't seem to get into my Windows Live Space where the original Anime Impressions Blog is housed. I'm hoping it's just a glitch and they haven't gotten rid of the Spaces, or for some reason, locked my Spaces account. I keep mostly to myself, so I don't think I've caused anyone any trouble....

Speaking of the Anime Impressions blog, I did update it last week, but because I decided to organize my pictures in photobucket, now all the links to the screencaps are broken. So I have to go through all my entries and reinsert the pictures. Fortunately, I haven't posted that many entries. Still it's gonna take a crap load of time to fix, plus I have to take the thing off hiatus and add the entry on Robot Carnival.

In other news, I'm working on more of the Miss Popular comic. I've also created a LiveJournal community and a Facebook group for the UW Madison Anime Club. I've upped my Netflix account to 4-at-a Time, which will help me crawl through the new version of Doctor Who quicker.


Miss Popular on the Web!

Miss Popular is available now via my Deviantart account and comicspace !
It began as a doodle in a notebook I used for my high shool Psychology class back in 1999. It just kept getting bigger until it ballooned into 110 "Issues" (pages). I came up with three rules to follow as I went along:

1. No penciling in any characters or other artwork beforehand. Everything had to be inked, with minimal use of white out.

2. No thinking ahead more than one "Issue". As with the artwork, all storylines and plots had to be as spontaneous as possible.

3. It had to be done in a notebook. Preferably the same one that it was originally drawn in, but the story continued, I had to move it into a second book.

It's hardly high art, and I tried to refrain from making drastic changes such as actually adding panels (God forbid!) to the thing while digitally lettering it. Still, I'll try to get the rest up here. I've only ever been able to get the first eight pages published (once for Touche magazine at UW-Manitowoc, and then a self-publish of only 10 copies). I hope you get some enjoyment from reading it.


Hello everyone!
Geek.Kon 2008 is fast approaching, and we need your help to give it some finishing touches. Here's a list of what you can help us with:

Volunteers Wanted!
The sign up form for volunteers can be found here.
We're looking for responsible young adults, preferably 18+, who are willing to sit and watch some of the rooms and make sure people don't walk off with stuff. These rooms include Sci-fi Viewings, Boardgames, Anime Viewings, Video Gaming, DDR, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, CCG room 1, CCG room 2, and our 4 panels rooms (three of which contain AV equipment).

RPG Registration Up!
Please note that the registration form for RPG's is now up here. There will be day-of sign up, too, but it might be a good idea to beat the rush. If you are interested in running a game, contact Randy, our RPG Coordinator, at:

Panelists Wanted!
We are in need of more panels and panelists! Especially for Sunday. If you would like to sign up to do a panel, please fill out the form here. Again, I would strongly suggest taking a time slot for Sunday, as many, but not all, of the slots for Saturday are taken.

Equipement Request!
We need more equipment for DDR/Guitar Hero/Rock Band as well as games and consoles. We do have many games and even a Nintendo Wii, but we would like to get a little more variety in there, too. If you would like to lend ud any equipment for the weekend please contact Katie, our Video Gaming Coordinator at:

Although the admission is free, this convention costs quite a bit of money to put on. Most of the expense, around $2,000-3,000, comes out of the pockets of the staff members. around $100-400 is paid for by the University of Wisconsin-Madison. However, since we are neither an academic event, nor a sporing event, we are not high on their list of priorities. You can help us by making a donation here, thus ensuring a Geek.Kon for 2009, as well.

If you have any questions, please contact the con-chairs at:

That's it for now, see you on September 27th & 28th!