Hello everyone!
Geek.Kon 2008 is fast approaching, and we need your help to give it some finishing touches. Here's a list of what you can help us with:

Volunteers Wanted!
The sign up form for volunteers can be found here.
We're looking for responsible young adults, preferably 18+, who are willing to sit and watch some of the rooms and make sure people don't walk off with stuff. These rooms include Sci-fi Viewings, Boardgames, Anime Viewings, Video Gaming, DDR, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, CCG room 1, CCG room 2, and our 4 panels rooms (three of which contain AV equipment).

RPG Registration Up!
Please note that the registration form for RPG's is now up here. There will be day-of sign up, too, but it might be a good idea to beat the rush. If you are interested in running a game, contact Randy, our RPG Coordinator, at:

Panelists Wanted!
We are in need of more panels and panelists! Especially for Sunday. If you would like to sign up to do a panel, please fill out the form here. Again, I would strongly suggest taking a time slot for Sunday, as many, but not all, of the slots for Saturday are taken.

Equipement Request!
We need more equipment for DDR/Guitar Hero/Rock Band as well as games and consoles. We do have many games and even a Nintendo Wii, but we would like to get a little more variety in there, too. If you would like to lend ud any equipment for the weekend please contact Katie, our Video Gaming Coordinator at:

Although the admission is free, this convention costs quite a bit of money to put on. Most of the expense, around $2,000-3,000, comes out of the pockets of the staff members. around $100-400 is paid for by the University of Wisconsin-Madison. However, since we are neither an academic event, nor a sporing event, we are not high on their list of priorities. You can help us by making a donation here, thus ensuring a Geek.Kon for 2009, as well.

If you have any questions, please contact the con-chairs at:

That's it for now, see you on September 27th & 28th!

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