Window Live Spaces

So I can't seem to get into my Windows Live Space where the original Anime Impressions Blog is housed. I'm hoping it's just a glitch and they haven't gotten rid of the Spaces, or for some reason, locked my Spaces account. I keep mostly to myself, so I don't think I've caused anyone any trouble....

Speaking of the Anime Impressions blog, I did update it last week, but because I decided to organize my pictures in photobucket, now all the links to the screencaps are broken. So I have to go through all my entries and reinsert the pictures. Fortunately, I haven't posted that many entries. Still it's gonna take a crap load of time to fix, plus I have to take the thing off hiatus and add the entry on Robot Carnival.

In other news, I'm working on more of the Miss Popular comic. I've also created a LiveJournal community and a Facebook group for the UW Madison Anime Club. I've upped my Netflix account to 4-at-a Time, which will help me crawl through the new version of Doctor Who quicker.

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