Off for Sunday

Haven't had Sunday off for a while. Metcalfe's is having their Holiday Demo fair through the weekend, but I had to work late. By the time I got out, the vendors had already packed up for the day. I'm going to walk around with my friend Carol, who gives voice lessons.

Then it'll be off to the Geek.Kon meeting at Humanities. We've gotten a few rooms reserved with projeotrs for presentations on the big move. The Sheraton is unavailable for September or October for 2010, so we'll have a decision to make between the Marriot West and the Alliant Energy Center. If we choose Alliant, we'll have to be careful no to be on the dates Madcon has it reserved. I'm just looking at their at the door rate. $75 for the weekend...Damn! They have some good Sci-Fi guests, though. I'm sure Geek.Kon can beat them at pricing, but if we can get different dates, we shouldn't have a problem.

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