It's been a while since I first posted. I've volunteered to be on a planning committee for Geek-Kon! Geek-Kon is a convention that will have Anime viewings, Sci-Fi viewings, Gaming (consul, RPG, CCG, Magic, Warhammer, LARP, DDR/ Guitar Hero). I started out helping with PR & Promo, and recently I volunteered to help with the art auction and Artist Alley. I might actually be able to sell some of my stuff :). I want to draw some simple pen and ink drawings; probably get them matted. I don't want to sell the originals, so I think I'll get some prints made. I like to draw elf like characters, but the girl running the AA says fan art sells really well, too. I'm kind of into Star Wars right now (even though I don't believe they should have married off Luke Skywalker to anyone). Maybe I'll draw some generic warrior types wielding light-based swords. Here's a link to the Geek-Kon website: www.geekkon.net.
A picture of one of our cute mascots appears above this post.

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