Writer's Block

Already I have writer's block, and I've just started writing. How about a fantasy blog where I pretend I'm someone else in a story? A blog to store the short stories I'm writing? Random thoughts? Rant and Rave? Worklog? Random Poetry? Archiving my art? Entertainment reviews? Now that sounds good! But isn't the web already full of fanboys who rant and rave about thier favorite or most hated anime, manga, comics, movies, TV shows, celeberaties, and music? What can I conribute that would be so interesting? I'm a lowly deli clerk who happened to make enough money to buy a laptop and an internet connection. I have two degrees in art (A.S.A. and B.S.A.) from the University of Wisconsin Madison. I live with a couple of South Korean students. And when I'm not worn out from my daily job, I paint, draw, and write. I had intended to become a 2-D animator for companies like Disney and Don Bluth Studios, but then the crushing truth fell and I realised that no one really does this type of animation anymore. I still want to own an animation studio someday, however, I refuse to do computer animation.

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