Borderlands Let's Play: Opening

     Last November, "Mad" Matt Winchell and I filmed a good chunk of the Zombie Island of Dr.Ned DLC for Borderlands. We were hoping to wrap up it up this summer and move on to something else. Except for one problem. A friend of mine was nice enough to build me a gaming desktop, including transferring files and programs onto the new machine. When I went to start up Borderlands, it told me the files located on the computer were newer and larger than the files in the Steam cloud storage. I decided to upload the newer files to Steam cloud and ...found all my characters had been replaced by a single level 45 Siren. Apparently my friend's files had been uploaded in place of mine, plus I was logged in on her account for Co-Op play as well. So, Matt and I have decided to start over and here is a sneak preview of the result:

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