The Maw of the Beast

About a couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine asked if I would kitty sit for her. It seemed like a fairly easy task of feeding, cleaning, and playing with kitty until she returned from her trip to Germany. It's been going fairly well, except that kitty, named Miu Miu, likes to give love bites when he feels he's not getting enough attention. They would be nothing, really, except for the size of this cat. One moment I'm brushing, the next I'm wondering where my knee cap has gone. Oh, that's right...It's in the gaping maw of Catzilla here. It's not enough to draw blood (he usually grabs for sleeves or pant legs). He weighs about 25 pounds, maybe 22, and when he sits up the fat tumbles down his back to spill over the tops of his knees. I've been trying not to feed him too much, and have introduced him to the concept of a laser light...and exercise.  Here he is for your viewing pleasure:
Lying in wait..Like a fuzzy alligator.

The beast stalks its next prey.

"Feed me....."

"I could almost be mistaken for a foot stool."

"I hear your knee caps taste divine!"

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