The Tale of Mad Matt and the Union

      Listen my child and you shall hear...of how “Mad” Matt made some IRK members lives a little more interesting. We all have met those players, the ones who don't seem to pay attention to the chat channels and rush into trouble without preparing for it. Some of us have even done it ourselves, before we knew better. I've been gaming online with Matt since early 2009. On Anarchy Online, we belong to The Independent Rubikans org, now being run by our friend “Namiru”. Nam encourages us to help out others in the game and strengthen overall relations with the rest of the community.
      This story came about as we were in the middle of leveling our paid account characters in the Temple of the Three Winds static dungeon. Nam was on his Temple services toon, “Keepdafaith”, when a team of people from the Union org came to us in need of help gaining the Stygian Desolator.
      A marvelous, blade this thing is! It is the size of most people's toons (about five or six feet in game space), with a bright orange-red, curved blade. The description for it reads thus:

“...the path back to Paradise is lined with the bones of my enemies. Their screams soothe me during the long nights, when I dream of what I have lost. I laugh when I recall their writhing anguish, their groveling to please me, the hope that their suffering will be put to an end. But I feed from their anguish and the begging look in their eyes as they grovel at my feet, hoping for a cessation...“

      It is dropped by Aztur the Immortal in a room deep within the Temple. However, first, we had to fight our way through the bosses who spawn before Azi: Uklesh the Frozen and Khalum. And before them, we had Gartua the Doorkeeper, the Guardian of Tomorrow, and other enemies agging us. Which was everything. In ToTW, even if it's grey and several levels below you, it will attack. A lot of people don't even bother killing on the way out, but rather train all the minor enemies (and some bosses) up to the exit.
Now this was the first time Matt and I had ever heard of the Styg (as it is affectionately called). I remember Nam telling us about it over the Skype call we were on. He made mention that we were to let a specific person from the Union loot Azi's corpse when we were done, but a certain person didn't seem to be paying any attention. Matt was on his Martial Artist and was busy killing his way through the corridors with the other team members.

      We broke into the room and killed everything, then turned our attention to Uklesh. After the first two bosses fell at the alter, we found ourselves face to face with the big bad, himself. This was actually the first time Matt and I had faced any of the final bosses for the Temple. Nam and the other IRK members had warned us of trying to take them on. We managed to make it through Azi, but it was a close call.
      Then Matt rushed forward. Then Matt opened the corpse. The Nam and I heard Matt say, “Ooooo! What's this? Well no one's going to be using it, so I guess I'll take it!” In the chat window, the team saw the phrase: “ looted Stygian Desolator.” The Styg is, of course, “No Drop” and ”Unique”, meaning that once you pick it up, it's yours. There's no trading it to other players and no selling it to a shop.
      Our escort proceeded to flip out in the chat, “A MA?! Are freaking kidding me?!” Matt and I were promptly kicked from the team, and Matt's toon went on to commit obligatory seppuku. It was one of those Oh-Shit-What-Have-We-Done moments. We'd seen their members running around, so they were a definitely an active org during a time when even the biggest orgs lay barren, gathering dust. The last thing we wanted to do was make 'em mad. Fortunately Nam was able to run the Union members through again, after waiting for the lowbie escort to run back from the Shadowlands. In fact, one of the guys apologized for the escort blowing his stack, and said the guy was a bit of a n00b. Eventually Nam was able to kill Azi again and the Styg was gotten by the appropriate player and all ended happily ever after
      Later we discussed the incident with our friend Bob, another IRK member. “What?! Oh man, we shared a chat bot with them!” he exclaimed in despair. However, IRK hasn't suffered from any severe fallout from the event. We still see members of the Union around along with quite a few orgs that are still hanging in there. Perhaps if the graphics update goes through, we'll see a resurgence, if brief, in the ones that have shut down in recent years. Matt and I are now playing on our fr00b Enforcers, which have far surpassed our paid mains in levels. Matt has also been doing a review show on Mad Matt Reviews bliptv and Mad Matt Reviews Youtube. I'm sure he'd appreciate polite constructive criticism. Don't forget to say hi to the IRK on Rubi-Ka!